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Ours is a long tradition, a long history of tireless innovation guaranteeing the success of our competition rowing boats and made our Company an internationally acclaimed brand.

An excellence that springs from a passion for boats.

Filippi’s world famous white-and-blue shells are designed and produced at the Company’s yard in Donoratico, a stone’s throw from the Tyrrhenian Sea in northwestern Italy. We have come a long way since our beginnings in 1980 to become one of the top Olympic-class rowing boat manufacturers, renowned for design, top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. But we have never lost sight of the core values underpinning our work.

Today Filippi supplies boats to rowing federations throughout the world. When clients order their customized rowing boats, they know they can rely on across-the-board service excellence.


Prima barca Filippi ad un mondiale junior Vichy 1983

Thanks to sophisticated data-acquisition technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Ferrara and Milan Polytechnic’s Department of Applied Mathematics – our partners also on the Alinghi team project – Filippi can design and test a new construction before actually building it. A virtual shell with a virtual rower simulates real-life conditions: the rower’s shifting centre of gravity, the specific movements and forces on foot stretcher, seat and oarlock exerted by a particular rower. These athlete-specific data are then overlaid onto the 3-D shell design generated in our research lab to produce a uniquely customized hull for a given athlete or team, adjusted for top speeds, pitch and even specific regatta conditions.

Once the basic hull design has been adjusted to these specific hydrodynamic data, the actual boatbuilding can begin. A special numerical-control cutting system produces the model from which the shell is produced using a resin infusion technique that allows highly compacted carbon layers with minimal air entrapment. The shell then undergoes several high-temperature curing cycles in a kiln before it is ready for the next production step.

Result and quality

Every competition victory spurs us to do even better. Winning a major competition has always spurred us to develop innovative solutions that will make the difference on the day of the race. Our Company stands apart for its values, passion, commitment and top-end technology, a combination that puts us ahead of the game.

We are proud that an increasing number of athletes and private individuals are choosing our boats, encouraging us to push back horizons even further.

The adventure continues every day as we meet new challenges.

Research and innovation at Filippi have always been measured against the yardstick of uncompromising quality standards.

Our Company is ISO 90001-2008 certified.

Our Company is ISO 90001-2008 certified.