Four new models will be coming out in early 2015 - lots of new features for a new series of record-breaking boats!

Shell production has been overhauled and a new stratification layout introduced. The fluid dynamic properties of our new boats have taken a giant leap.

The new Filippi boats to feature in upcoming racing championships are the result of collaboration between Filippi Lido and Milan University’s Department of Applied Mathematics (MOX) for the fluid dynamic side, and with the University of Ferrara as regards the materials used. We have also received support from the Tuscan regional authorities.

F50 Senior Women’s Scull
Scull with the Filippi shell designed specifically for women. Fast, calibrated to female weight and strength, this scull offers great stability and speeds that would be impossible in boats designed for male weight/power ratios.
F51 Senior Men’s Coxless Pair
This new shell comes from our experience with the F17 whose speed is now combined with the stability required to put the power of two men to good use. The new F51 is a real thoroughbred.
F52 Senior Women’s Four and Quad
It’s time to ring in the changes! This new shell will set new standards in the senior women’s category.
F53 Lightweight Women’s Sculling Quad
This shell is a perfect blend of speed and ergonomic excellence. Finally a shell designed especially for lightweight women, not just an adapted men’s scull. From the minute you get into this scull you will realise the difference – and know it’s the way to keep winning!