SecondHand Market

The following is a list of boats available to all customers at the end of the racing season. Read the regulations on how to reserve your purchase or write to:

1. Boat identification. Every boat has a serial number and a progressive listed number.

2. Price. The price of each boat is indicated in the “ Selling price” column, and has been discounted 17% on the official Filippi Price List. Selling price is for delivery ex Donoratico, and does not include oars, packaging, or VAT (current VAT is 22%).

3. Terms and conditions for boat reservation.

a) Reservations must be made via e-mail, indicating the boat serial number and the progressive listed number. NB: IF FILIPPI HAS A DEALERSHIP IN YOUR COUNTRY, PLEASE CONTACT THIS OFFICE TO RESERVE YOUR BOAT;

b) Confirmation of reservations require a down payment of 20% of the listed “ Selling price”;

c) Should the 20% down payment not be received within 7 working days following the reservation, the boat will be once again made available for sale;

4. Boat Status: the background colour of the published list indicates the boat’s status: White background: boats available for sale; Yellow background: boats reserved by e-mail; Capital background: boats reserved for which down payment has been received.

5. Delivery: the estimated delivery date is indicated in the “ Availability” column.

6. Completion of the sale. At the end of the world Championships, if the boat is available, sale will be confirmed by the normal procedure. If the boat is no longer available, the down payment will be returned. The Federation making use of the boat shall always be offered first refusal.