GIG 4X + / 4- - Length 9.50m – Width 0.87cm – Athlete 80/100kg – Boat weight 65kg

The coxed 4-rower GIG shell is sculling or sweep convertible. Made of Kevlar, carbon and vinylester resin, it has a carbon/timber inner lining. The shell comes with orthopaedic footrests. Special rowing shoes are available on request. Aluminium riggers.
Yole 4+ - Length 10.50m – Width 1.05cm – Athlete 80/100kg – Boat weight 90kg

The 4-crew Yole is both a racer and recreational boat. The new Yole model is FISA-compliant and comes equipped with rowing shoes and sliding seats but is obviously not a conventional Olympic-style boat. Unlike the previous Jole models though, the Yole is made of carbon fibre and epoxy resin.