Innovation never stops: here's the new Aliante Carbon Scull Rigger

16 March 2017
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16 March 2017, Comments 0

Filippi/ Italy
After years of research and a constant work on innovation we are proud to announce our brand new Aliante Carbon Scull Rigger.

Ergonomic, lightweight, beautifully designed and highly performative, this new scull rigger is produced by Filippi with the latest technical innovations and all-carbon aircraft-grade thermoformed, cured in an autoclave.

Thanks to its extraordinary rigidity the new Aliante carbon scull rigger opposes excellently to deformation and twisting of the blade in the water ensuring greater stability and efficiency during all the phases of the race. The variable sections and the curves that define the profile, as well as the reinforcements, easily visible in the central part, are the result of our work of research that made possible to transmit all the energy and contain all its possible loss. The restyled hilt will ensure greater firmness and ease the setting phases. Ensuring no loss of power to the rowers and maximum efficiency at each stroke, the new Aliante scull rigger will make the difference to each athlete’s performance on every boat’s class.

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