18-25 Sept 2022, Racice (CZE)

Thinking that in each final A of the World Championships, there were at least one or more Filippi boats and that these won at least one medal in each of the 29 finals that took place between Friday and Sunday in Racice, is the most important data that catches the eyes of our campaign, in Czech Republic.

Immediately afterwards, such impressive numbers, our attention goes to the 69.3% of the Filippi boats entering the Worlds, which produced 66% of the medals available in the finals for the world title. A percentage translated in 17 gold, 24 silver and 16 bronze, of which 34 medals (9 gold) of Olympic and Paralympic interest.

Medals were distributed as follows: Italy 10; Netherlands 9; France and Australia 5; Romania, Ukraine and USA 4; Ireland 3; Spain, Great Britain and New Zealand 2; Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, China, Germany and Norway 1 each one.

They were not the only ones to trust with Filippi since the 277 Filippi boats in Racice (out of 400) were also used transversely by 32 other countries: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Estonia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Indonesia, Greece, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, Finland, Cuba, Croatia, Slovenia, Zimbabwe, Principality of Monaco, Iraq, Azerbajan, Benin, Lebanon. A detail which shows the recognized quality of our product all over the world.

A great effort of means and men for Filippi who closes the "official" season of olympic and paralympic rowing with decidedly positive results but that is already projected to the next year that will be Pre-Olympic, where the teams will have to qualify the crews for Paris 2024.