• World Rowing Junior Champs 2019


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    Great race for our Filippi Team!

  • III WORLD CUP 2019

    Rotterdam, The Netherland

    Great results for our Team




    Lucerne, Switzerland

    Great results for the Team Filippi


  • Carbon Sweep Rigger Aliante

    We made our stiffest rigger ever.

    And we did it first.

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  • Filippi Spirit Award 2018

    and the other Awards assigned during the 2018 World Rowing Coaches Conference

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Technology, innovation and quality combine to fuel your passion.


Ours is a long tradition, a long history of tireless innovation guaranteeing the success of our racing rowing boats that made our Company an internationally acclaimed brand.

An excellence that springs from a passion for boats.

Filippi World famous white-and-blue shells are designed and produced at the Company yard in Donoratico, a stone’s throw from the Tyrrhenian Sea in northwestern Italy. We have come a long way since our beginnings in 1980 to become one of the top Olympic-class rowing boat manufacturers, renowned for design, top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. Without losing sight of the core values underpinning our work.

Today Filippi supplies boats to rowing federations throughout the World. When clients order their customized rowing boats, they know they can rely an across-the-board service excellence.


Every competition victory spurs us to do even better. Winning a major competition has always driven us to develop innovative solutions that make the difference on the day of the race. Our Company stands apart for its values, passion, commitment and top-end technology, a combination that puts us ahead of the game.

We are proud that an increasing number of athletes and private customers are choosing our boats, encouraging us to push back horizons even further.

The adventure continues every day as we meet new challenges.

Research and innovation at Filippi’s have always been measured against the yardstick of uncompromising quality standards.


“Over the course of their existence every human being can adopt two attitudes: build or plant. Builders might linger for years over their tasks, but there comes a day when they finish the job. At that point, they stop, and their space then seems limited by the walls they’ve erected. When the building is finished, life loses its meaning. Then there are those who plant: sometimes they suffer because of storms and the season, and they rarely rest. But unlike a building, the garden never stops developing. It requires the constant attention of the gardener, but at the same time, allows him to live through a great adventure.” (Paulo Coelho, Brida)

“We, but my father first,” says David Filippi, son of Lido, the founder of the Filippi boatyard, “We are planters. Because our product is never the same as it was the day before, and each boat is tailor-made on the athletes who will use it and we’re always pursuing the improvements suggested by our engineers, as well as the experiences of our technicians and whatever we experience and see at the regattas in person.”

The products are the rowing shells made in the Filippi boatyard in Donoratico, on the Tuscan coast, in the northern part of the Maremma. They’re one of the top “Made in Italy” products, modern racing shells adapted like tailor-made suits to the athletes’ body, weight and attitude. The boats have their own fascination. They are white with a blue stripe, the color of our national teams, all part of the line, making them the greyhounds of the water, capable of slicing impalpably through it as if they were moved by the wind, as well as making them resistant enough to support the weight of the rowers - up to eight people plus the coxswain - all of them forming a unit.

What makes a Filippi an incredible and fascinating product is the human history of the founder, Lido Filippi, one of those types who is a bit of a craftsman, a bit of designer, and a bit of industrial leader. The location and moment of his birth - in this case rural Italy just before the Second World War - made it an uphill struggle at the start, but they have brought and still bring the best of our country to the rest of the world. These men have something extra, that all-Italian gift that is creativity, which in Filippi is matched by an innate ability to see the product as a whole in all its details - some call it “the absolute eye” - strengthened by a deep passion for work and extraordinary perseverance. So much so that today, thirty-eight years after the beginning of this adventure, the business is still growing. It is one of those businesses which, to paraphrase builders and planters, is subject every day to the restless opinion of the market. An opinion that is formed on the water where crews push each racing shell to their maximum effort in a competition that, behind the scenes, involves the racing shell producers in an even more difficult game.

Medals won

Dealers around the world

World records set in 2017

Years experience



Singles, Pairs, Fours/Quads, Eights


Singles, Pairs/Doubles, Fours/Quads


Singles, Double canoé, GIG, Yole


Singles, Doubles, Fours/Quads

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How to reach us:

From the North: take Rosignano exit on the motorway A12, then drive along the freeway Aurelia SS1 following Rome direction.
Take Donoratico exit and drive to the town center, follow the main road through the town of Donoratico to via del Mercato Once on Via del Mercato,
turn second right Via Matteotti. Number 113 is 100 m on the right.

From the south: drive along the freeway Aurelia SS1 following Livorno direction.
Take Donoratico exit and drive to the town center, follow the main road through the town of Donoratico to via del Mercato
Once on Via del Mercato, turn second right Via Matteotti. Number 113 is 100 m on the right.


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