Filippi's Adaptive boats series is crafted with the same materials of Olympic rowing boats used by able-bodied athletes.
The most remarkable features to be mentioned are:

  • UHS paint (Ultra High Solid paint).
  • Composite material composed of a double-layer carbon skin with a core layer of honeycomb on its inner part.
  • Additional layers of high-module carbon, applied on strategic parts of boat's structure, to achieve the best level of stiffness.
  • High-performance carbon weave with checkerboard pattern.
  • Eco-friendly resin used in aerospace industry.
  • Titanium pins.
  • Stainless steel components (316-A4/304-A2).
  • Carbon riggers are crafted in autoclave, while the alloy ones receive a special treatment, after the welding process, that improves their stiffness.

Focus on Adaptive boats
Adaptive boats, both Single Sculls and Double Sculls, have a little bit wider hulls (true to Fisa's rules), while the Coxed Four is built on the F19 or F34 moulds. Boats are supplied with accessories manufactured specifically for each of them to assure safety and stability, both to the athlete and the boat.
We mention for instance the lateral floats (for Single Sculls) and the different kind of seat-belts. Furthermore, the seat position is adjustable also for the boats that will be equipped with a personal seat of the customer.
Adaptive Singles and Doubles can also be fitted with carbon/alloy back wing rigger 'Aliante', in addiction to the standard wing riggers. Coxed Four, on its sweep setting, is mainly fitted with carbon/alloy stern wing riggers.


  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Titanium
  • Honeycomb
  • Hexmc
  • Aluminium alloy

Lenght: mt. 6.36
Width: cm 51,0
Athlete: kg 60-100


Carbon Aliante scull rigger “CWA”
Aluminium Aliante scull rigger “AWA”

Carbon Wing scull rigger “CW”
Aluminium Wing scull rigger “AW”

Carbon tubular scull rigger “CT”
Aluminium standard scull rigger “AS"

Aluminium Flat
Black anodized aluminium fin


4in1 seat:
- double action seat
- classic seat
- adjustable ballbearing wheel seat

FC01 full carbon

MAS rowing shoes
Active tools

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • MAS Shoes White

    MAS Shoes White

  • MAS Shoes Blue

    MAS Shoes Blue

  • MAS Shoes Black

    MAS Shoes Black

  • MAS Shoes - Wedges

    MAS Shoes - Wedges

  • Footboard


  • Footboard with MAS shoes

    Footboard with MAS shoes

  • Bag for Aluminium riggers (bag already included for Carbon riggers)
  • Boat cover
  • Stroke Coach NK wireless, complete
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2 with training pack
  • Cox Box 2 speakers for 4+ complete
  • Cox Box 3 speakers for 8+ complete
  • Speaker for NK Cox Box
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 8+ (3 outlets)
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 4+ (2 outlets)
  • EmPower N-K oarlock (sweep/scull)
  • Cox-Box GPS only unit
  • Cox-Box GPS 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box GPS 3 speaker for 8+
  • Cox-Box CORE only unit
  • Cox-Box CORE 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box CORE 3 speaker for 8+