General aspects of the training line.
The boats of the Filippi training range are manufactured with top quality materials and equipment and are at the highest quality levels of their market segment. The construction process has to pass the same rigid controls implemented on the Olympic line. Suppliers and materials meet the same certification criteria.
Training singles boats (mt.6.50, mt 7.20 and mt.8.10) are distinguished from the competitor products for different aspects mainly related to the construction process and the quality of the materials.

Some specific aspects of the constructive process of single training boats
The stratification of our training boats:
Beyond precision in the execution of the standard molds and the resulting boats, with continuous dimensional controls to verify that the geometries intended are respected and there have been no deformations in the process, beyond the drift position control of the boat, of course, but also with respect to the high-bay doors as well as the guides on which the carriage rests, and then the athlete. Every boat leaving Filippi’s headquarters can count on an inimitable quality on the market.

Training line materials.

  • Resin Vinylester, among the polyesters the one with the highest quality and cost. The performance of this resin is slightly inferior to the epoxy with which the Olympic boats are made. The cost is about three times an isophthalic polyester and more than four of a orthophthalic.
  • The glass used is of high strength S type. Distributed with wisdom and quality in overlapping. We do not use a size and spray that directly takes the thread and shoots (broken in short fibers) already resin on the product, but we use a manual stratification with woven fabrics to get the best performance. The amount of resin is the minimum required to obtain a greater rigidity. Indeed, the performance of the product derives from the average of the mechanical characteristics of the resin and the fibers in relation to their volume, so considering the preponderance of the mechanical characteristics of the yarn with respect to the resin, we must keep the minimum necessary for the latter, mechanical characteristics. The gelcoat is an isonopentyl, excellent as a resistance to yellowing. Color is a Filippi idea, and even today, after 45 years, color is so called by the company that produces it. The peculiarity is that the color tone prevents yellowing, of course, with no UV additives that over time become deteriorating by creating the yellow color sign of impoverishment (and therefore of higher friction resistance) superficial.
  • The riggers are made of special aluminum alloy as well as special is the post welding treatment that undergoes the rigger to obtain the exceptional characteristics necessary to overcome the severe Filippi tests.
  • The pivot is made of steel type 316 (A4) but modified to provide maximum performance while maintaining the allotropic martensitic state of the metal.
  • The shoes that can be required are those of high performance as well as the toe tip table.
  • All plastic elements are of Olympic origin and therefore of high quality.
  • Ergonomics and therefore the athlete's position has been optimized over time and allows the expression of strength in the best possible way.
  • The hull and deck assembly still determines the quality and weight of the boat, and ourhistory is an indication of the quality that we are talking about.


  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Titanium
  • Honeycomb
  • Hexmc
  • Aluminium alloy

Lenght: mt. 7.20
Width: cm 27,5
Athlete: kg 60-75
Boat weight: 18


Carbon Aliante scull rigger “CWA”
Aluminium Aliante scull rigger “AWA”

Carbon Wing scull rigger “CW”
Aluminium Wing scull rigger “AW”

Carbon tubular scull rigger “CT”
Aluminium standard scull rigger “AS"

Aluminium Flat
Black anodized aluminium fin


4in1 seat:
- double action seat
- classic seat
- adjustable ballbearing wheel seat

FC01 full carbon

MAS rowing shoes
Active tools

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • Seat 4in1

    Seat 4in1

  • MAS Shoes White

    MAS Shoes White

  • MAS Shoes Blue

    MAS Shoes Blue

  • MAS Shoes Black

    MAS Shoes Black

  • MAS Shoes - Wedges

    MAS Shoes - Wedges

  • Footboard


  • Footboard with MAS shoes

    Footboard with MAS shoes

  • Bag for Aluminium riggers (bag already included for Carbon riggers)
  • Boat cover
  • Stroke Coach NK wireless, complete
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2
  • Speed Coach NK GPS2 with training pack
  • Cox Box 2 speakers for 4+ complete
  • Cox Box 3 speakers for 8+ complete
  • Speaker for NK Cox Box
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 8+ (3 outlets)
  • Cable for Cox Box, for 4+ (2 outlets)
  • EmPower N-K oarlock (sweep/scull)
  • Cox-Box GPS only unit
  • Cox-Box GPS 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box GPS 3 speaker for 8+
  • Cox-Box CORE only unit
  • Cox-Box CORE 2 speaker for 4+
  • Cox-Box CORE 3 speaker for 8+