Second-Hand boats

Book your boat returning from Tokyo!

Discover the Filippi boats used in Tokyo, on sale right now at a special price ("Selling Price") discounted by 17% on the normal price list. Choose the model that suits you; then we will arrange transport wherever you are.

The design and construction quality of Filippi boats guarantees their long life and excellent performance. The most sought-after are obviously the boats returning from the Tokyo Olympics for their reduced mileage. But in general, the second-hand Filippi boat represents a guarantee and an excellent opportunity to get closer to the brand and touch its extraordinary finishes, tested by our world and Olympic champions at all latitudes.

Each Filippi boat proposed in the "Used" category is, therefore, a product that has successfully passed a detailed selection process, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, using the same procedures implemented for brand new boats.

A special adhesive plate will be applied on each boat returning from the Tokyo Olympics: it will certify its use during the 2020 Olympic regattas. More specifically, the plate will include the following indication: “Rowed in Tokyo 2020”. This way, all our customers will have the certainty of having purchased a unique and unrepeatable product.